Online World of Wrestling.com is HUGE website.  There are also dozens of people working to help make OWW as complete as possible. OWW is, and always has been, a website for the fans, and by the fans, and appreciated by everybody. This is a message to reach to those of you who might be able to help out, but aren’t sure how to become apart of OWW. Below you will see a list jobs or tasks that need to be done for the website. If you see something that interests you, then I encourage you to hop on board and start contributing to the website. We have a huge opportunity to take something great and make it even greater! With your help we can be the best news source for professional wrestling on the Internet!

Also please be advised that if you choose to contribute information, do NOT simply “copy & paste” from other websites.  That is not the kind of news site we want to be.  And don’t just say “here’s a website where you can find the following information”.  Try to submit credible information that you think other wrestling fans would like to read about.

All contributions can be sent to [email protected]

Below is a list of tasks open right now at OWW:

  1. Profile match list compilations
  2. Promotion correspondents
  3. Columnists
  4. Regional representatives
  5. Researchers – If you want to become part of the OWW research team all you need to do is read the 5 Commandments for Researchers and get started.
  6. Pictures of the wrestlers (that you own the copyright to)

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