AEW Rampage 04 14 2023

AEW Rampage Results
April 14, 2023
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (UW–Milwaukee Panther Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

Come on and slam-page, and welcome to AEW Rampage!

We kick things off right away with the bell ringing to start the IWGP Tag Team Champinonship opening contest!

IWGP Tag Team Championship
Best Friends vs. IWGP Tag Team Champions Aussie Open

We start off with absolute chaos as the two teams go at it, with the Best Friends starting to get an advantage only to be taken down by Aussie Open! As the chaos finally settles down we see Trent launching himself with a crossbody but only picks up a nearfall! Fletcher catches Trent off guard as the champs are now firmly back in control.

Tag made here as Aussie Open unload on Trent before Mark Davis hits a senton dive and a cocky cover…but only gets a nearfall. Davis hoists Trent up as Fletcher makes the tag for a double team, turning into a delayed vertical suplex from Fletcher for a nearfall as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Fletcher continues the attack on Trent, keeping him grounded momentarily before finally bringing the Best Friend up to his feet for more damage. Trent sent to the corner now, giving Davis a chance to keep on the beatdown as Chuck tries to will his buddy back into the match. Tag to Fletcher as the champs send Trent to the corner, but he starts fighting back as we come back!

Trent launches off the turnbuckle but gets caught by Davis, before Fletcher hits a big kick and a cutter for a nearfall before Chuck runs in to break it up! Davis and Chuck end up on the outside where Chuck is able to bring Davis down by sending him into the steel steps as Trent sends Fletcher up on the top rope. Fletcher tries to block a superplex, but with the assist by Chuck Taylor helps Trent connect with it!

Davis comes running in but gets intercepted by the Best Friends, who give the people what they want before hitting the Doomsday Knee Strike…for only a nearfall! Fletcher has plenty of fight in him as the tag gets made to Taylor, but chaos ensues leading to a spinning tombstone piledriver by Fletcher! Trent tries to fight after this but gets caught with a pickup piledriver by Davis! Moments later they hit the Coriolis for the pin and the win to retain!

Winners via pinfall AND STILL IWGP Tag Team Champions: Aussie Open

Backstage, we see Jeff Jarrett and his Amazing Friends huddling up ahead of their Eight-Man Tag Team match later tonight. Mark Briscoe doesn’t seem so certain about being on this team, but Sonjay Dutt assures him with a speech and a sweet looking t-shirt. Briscoe is none too pleased by this, throwing it against the locker as we cut back to ringside!

FTR Address Their Future

Inside the ring, we have Tony Schiavone welcoming the new AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR to the ring, where Cash addresses the fact it took over two years for FTR to go from losing the titles to finally getting them back.

Cash goes on to address the rumors of where they’re going, and what their future holds. Cash gives us “bad news” in that we are stuck with FTR for about four more years. The crowd cheers for this, as Cash drops the other big shoe of the announcement: after those four years, FTR will retire from professional wrestling.

Tony turns to Dax to speak, as the FTR podcast host talks about their redemption story after years of struggling to make a living from the business. Dax says we’re all here tonight because we fought for this, and with this being FTR’s redemption story they thank the fans for giving them the kick they needed to keep going…and they’re going to repay the fans by giving everything they have for the next four years.

The crowd cheers on the new champs as we go backstage, where hear from Jeff Hardy addressing the past nine months of “crawling out of his own personal hell.” Matt Hardy is excited for Jeff’s return as well, before announcing a big match as the Hardys, Isaiah, and Hook take on The Firm…and that match will take place at the Hardy Compound, where The Firm will be rendered OBSOLETE.

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Back at ringside, the curious team of Mark Briscoe and Jeff Jarrett’s crew arrive to the ring…before everyone but Briscoe goes after their opponents ahead of the match getting underway!

Eight-Man Tag Team Match
Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Mark Briscoe and Satnum Singh vs. Manscout Jake Manning and The Spanish Announce Project

We start off with Mark and Manning who trade holds, but Jarrett gets involved, much to the chagrin of Briscoe. Tags come in hot now as the match boils down to chaos, and ends up with Singh and Manning in the ring before the big man hits the Manscout with the chokeslam. Briscoe gets a blind tag, and Singh steps by as Briscoe climbs up to hit the Froggy Bow on Manscout for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Mark Briscoe and Satnum Singh

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Back at ringside, Emi Sakura is in the ring as Taya Valkyrie heads to the ring for our next match!

Taya Valkyrie vs. Emi Sakura

The two lock up before Emi takes Taya to the corner to lay in a chop…but Taya responds in kind with a chop of her own! They hit the ropes but neither falls to the other until Taya hits a big enough shoulder tackle to get the job done.

Taya takes Emi down hard to the canvas but it’s only enough for a nearfall. Emi back to her feet, looking to lock in a full nelson…but Taya powers out of it, taking Emi down for another nearfall in the process! Taya brings Emi back to her feet, looking for the Road to Valhalla…but Jade Cargill shows up on the stage, distracting Taya!

Emi takes advantage of the situation, hitting a neckbreaker to take control as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Emi continues the attack, bringing Taya to the corner for some chops as Jade and Leila walk down the ramp to watch more closely. Emi with a chinlock as Taya struggles to power out…eventually getting to her feet, pushing Emi back with some right hands. Taya heads to the corner but is intercepted by Emi, who gets some more chops and other hard strikes in until Taya starts fighting back. Things get back and forth between the two now, trading strikes until Taya gets sent to the corner once more…where Emi hits a big low cross body splash as we come back!

Taya is finally able to start fighting back now, taking Emi down hard before leaving the ring. Taya confronts Jade on the outside, and Emi makes her pay for this by sending her to the steel steps! She charges right into her for more damage, bringing Taya back into the ring…but only getting a nearfall from it! Taya slow to her feet as Emi charges,, but gets hoisted up for a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall!

Emi seems to have had enough of this as she unloads some hard strikes on Taya…who responds with a spear, and a Road to Valhalla for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Taya Valkyrie

Jade is clearly not happy about that move being used as Leila runs into the ring to deal with Taya…who gives Grey a Road to Valhalla! Jade climbs into the ring, and the two stare each other down before coming to blows! They trade forearms until Taya looks to hit Road to Valhalla on the TBS Champion…but Grey rushes in to stop her! Jade with a big kick on Taya, followed by a Jaded and a visual symbolic pinfall to establish her dominance over the fallen Taya as Jade raises her TBS Championship up high!

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Back at ringside, the JAS have a bit of a rap dissing The Acclaimed (and Hager showing his love for that hat) before The Acclaim come rushing in to deal with the sports entertainers! They threaten to cut off Daddy Magic’s nipples with actual scissors (yes I typed that, don’t stare at me) before Hager saves him from absolute disaster. The JAS retreat up the ramp as Bowens challenges JAS to a match on Dynamite!

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, it’s time for Mark Henry to interview Jack Perry and Shawn Spears ahead of our main event. Perry talks about looking to take one more step toward winning the AEW World Championship, while Spears addresses coming back from becoming a new daddy and looking to throw his name into the title picture at the expense of Jungle Boy.

And as Mark Henry would say…there’s been enough talk…it’s time for our main event!

Rundown: all the sweet sweet action coming to Dynamite next Wednesday, and Vikingo/Dralistico is made official for Rampage next Saturday!

Back at ringside, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry makes his way to the ring for our main event! Out next is Shawn Spears, and this match gets underway!

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Shawn Spears

The crowd welcomes Spears back to in-ring action before the two men lock up, with Perry keeping Spears at bay at the start before getting a nearfall on Jungle Boy. Perry back to his feet, hitting some nice strikes and a dropkick before taunting Spears as the latter leaves the ring. Perry gives chase and takes a kick to the shin for his troubles, as Spears goes for a dive…but Perry stops him by avoiding it, sending Spears into the barricade instead!

We see Darby and Sammy watching on from backstage as Spears turns things around on Perry, sending him over the barricade as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Spears stays on the attack, laying in some hard kicks and chops on Jungle Boy until Perry turns it back around on him, bringing the action back toward ringside. Spears is able to catch Perry off guard before sending him back into the ring, but Jungle Boy escapes the ring…where he catches an approaching Spears with a chop! The two continue to fight it out on the outside, before Spears gets distracted by a kid in the front row before looking to tease the fan, bringing Perry up for a vertical suplex…but Perry reverses, dropping Spears before breaking the count! Perry goes back to the outside, bringing Spears back into the ring before climbing up top…where Spears intercepts him! Spears with some punches as he looks for a superplex, bringing Perry down hard to the canvas in the process…only to get a nearfall from it as we come back!

Spears asks the crowd if he should do another, or even…ten more…as he brings Perry back to the top turnbuckle with a chop. Spears looks for another superplex, but Perry fights back, dropping Spears before hitting a cross body for a nearfall! Spears turns it on him and gets a nearfall of his own in the process. Despite the best efforts of Spears, it’s Perry who gets the upper hand with a couple superkicks before both men are down on the canvas.

They both slowly get to their feet before Perry charges at Spears, who intercepts before hitting a DDT on Perry from the top rope…but still only gets a nearfall! Spears gets Perry looking for a Death Valley Driver but Perry reverses for a nearfall, followed by a Flatliner…and another nearfall! Rollup by Perry for another nearfall, but it all comes to a halt with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Spears! Spears looks for a la magistral pin, but gets countered into a small package by Perry for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

After the match we see a nice display of sportsmanship between Perry and Spears as we get a reminder of programming notes for next week before the show comes to a close!